Tuesday, November 14, 2017

writing for practice

Writing is hard. I often find myself sitting in front of the computer thinking of things to write but when I start to put words on the screen the thoughts magically disappear. I can take a break but when I come back, I can't seem to pick up where I left off. The train has left the station and I wasn't on it.

This blog will be my attempt to get better at this thing called writing. I'm going to commit to writing at least one thing per week and hopefully more. I may bare my soul or I may type out the most meaningless drivel every written. Either way, my goal isn't to be profound or insightful. Not yet anyway. Right now my goal is to write and to get better at putting words on "paper".

It's Tuesday morning and I found myself logging into Blogger with the intent to write something but not knowing what to write about. It's a bit frustrating to sit in front of the computer and have no semblance of an idea. I'm thinking, "I'd better get something down", I have to got the gym and get groceries. I have an interview for one of my podcasts today at 2 so I have a limited time to do this.

Of course there's some delays. First a pop up shows up on the screen telling me that I should buy a new domain name. "That's a great idea", I thought, sure that the payment I made on my credit card would have gone through after 3 days. It didn't. I also need to renew the domain for my podcast website but with no room on my credit cards that is rather difficult. Which of course brings me to my complaint for the day.

Why aren't all electronic transactions instant? Or at least, why do they observe stat holidays? It's not like a person needs the extra day off so they can approve all the electronic transactions that banks deal with. This isn't a matter of labor. It seems like it's purely a matter of control and essentially, banks are assholes.

Some friends have pointed out that it's likely a remnant from the old ways of doing things and it seems like this link from a friend speaks to that.
Banking, despite the automatic nature of it, is very much still attached to the original hours of operation. That means that a day off for a stat holiday shuts down operations. It's honestly just fucking ridiculous, and very frustrating.

Beyond that things are going pretty swell today. I have an interview with Chris Reed later today and I'm in the process of setting up a time to meet with a therapist/counselor. I'm quite looking forward to that.

I think I'd better work on some other stuff now though so that's all I'll write for today. Have a good one to anyone who happens to read this.

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